Welcome to the INVOLEN Helpdesk!

Our goal is to create a community of experts, facilitators and volunteers for the support of the INVOLEN EU Lifelong Learning Programme.

Joining the Google groups or the Facebook groups, you can ask questions about the INVOLEN Competition concerning ICT & Game-design, Intergenerational Learning, Environmental Volunteering, and also ask practical advice about the INVOLEN Methodology application.

You are welcome to invite the members of your intergenerational team to join the helpdesk services and encourage them to use this space for discussion concerning the INVOLEN Project and Competition.

If you wish to share material about the progress of your group you can also join our Facebook group:

You can reach the HELPDESK in:

The service is also available in the following languages: GR, IT, SI, FR, HU (on the national pages of the Involen website).

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