The competition is free of charge.
One person of the group in charge of the competition entry, will take care of the registration and the submission of materials.
1) Register to the Involen European Competition preferably by January 20th, 31st by filling in the registration form.
The form asks only the contact details of the referent facilitor.

2)Submit the materials for the Involen European Competition completing the relative forms by 30 April 2015 :
Elders’ stories about the natural area by using the elders’ stories submission form.
(min. 1- max. 3; up to 4000 characters including spaces).
Visit our Database of Elders’ Stories to see some examples.

One Location Based Game (LBG) by using the LBG submission form.
The form asks to provide the title of the game, the geographical coordinates, the application used, a description of max. 4000 characters including spaces, and the game link)

Evaluation of your intergenerational learning experience by using the relative form .

Pictures/videos are not compulsory but welcome! They can be uploaded on our Facebook page or sent by e-mail to the project referent in one of the partnership’s country.

Important things to remember:

i. material submission is due by April 30 2015
ii. official language at the conference is English whereas the material can be submitted in any Involen national language.
iii. Please, submit all materials using the forms available from the links or from the submenu.

All the Materials will be uploaded on INVOLEN website and will undergo to online voting open to the public and an evaluation by a committee of experts.

We recommend you to register online as soon as you decide to participate to the competition !
Good Luck !

If you need, do not hesitate to contact Francesca Ugolini f.ugolini[at]

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