Who can participate to the Involen European Competition?
Balanced groups of seniors and students guided by facilitators (e.g. 1:3:1). Facilitators can be teachers, environmental guides, volunteers and their groups can be formed in different contexts: schools, nature protection volunteering associations, natural parks, museums etc.

What is expected from the group to participate to the Involen European Competition?
The group is expected to learn about nature and Location Based Games (LBG) through an intergenerational experience: seniors have lot of stories to share and students lot of creativity. Inside the
Learning Guide and the Learning Toolkit (available in EN, FR, GR, HU, IT, SLO) you can find specifics and tips about the Involen intergenerational learning methodology and practical descriptions of the piloting experiences (2013-2014).

What kind of app can you use to create a LBG for the Involen European Competition?
Any kind of app for LGB can be used (ARIS, HUNTZZ, EnigMap, Tourality, etc.) even though Online Helpdesk (in EN, FR, GR, HU, IT, SLO) is available only for ARIS.
Have a look the ARIS games created during the piloting experiences.

What kind of stories told from elders shall be submitted?
Any kind of story related to the area (nature, historical events, traditions and works in the area) but also legends, anecdotes etc.
Have a look to our database of stories.

What are the criteria for judging the winners of the Involen European Competition?
1) The experience of intergenerational learning (e.g. concerning the technologies used, the field trips, the game scenario development)
2) The game learning value (about nature conservation)
3) Imagination , creativity and originality in story telling and in the game


Now visit the webpage HOW TO PARTICIPATE to find the details about registration and the materials to submit.

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